Saturday, 21 July 2012

July 2012 Stefanie's Award

The school grants a Best Effort award for one student per class and this year Stef received it for her class of 10D. She received a pin and a £10 book token. Stef is the last girl shown in the video.

July 2012 Calum's Projects

Calum has been taking recorder lessons all year and is slowly getting the hang of it. He recently took a music test and was awarded the copper award for playing. Bronze, silver and gold may yet follow.

Last Saturday (14th) we made a doll from an old glove. He'd seen it done on Blue Peter and we gave it a shot. Truth be told, mum & dad did most of the sewing, but Calum gave a hand and designed a 'robot' doll.

And of course at the end of the school year is the annual sports day. Calum's event was touch and go because of the very wet weather we have been having lately: it was cancelled once and was provisionally scheduled for September is no suitably dry day occured. As it happened, the 17th was good and dry and they were able to put it on. Calum's school house 'Mars' was the aggregate total for the day. And everyone got a medal...

With 'copper-level' music badge.

Blue Peter inspired glove doll: the before and after photo.

July 2012 Bushey Fun Run

We all went down to King George V Park on Sunday to watch Calum and a few of his classmates take part in the annual Bushey funrun. This is the third time he has ran in the race and the final year he runs in the Boys Under 10s and next year his distance increases from 3/4 mile to 1 mile.

Calum came 81st out of...???

The boys from his class.

And he went for a play on the slide afterwards.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Jul 2012 - Saw Olympic Torch Relay in St Albans

Yesterday we went to the nearby town of St Albans to see the Olympic torch relay pass through the town. It was a very enjoyable day as it turned out to be quite an event with the numbers of people attending and the good natured atmosphere of the crowd.

We got to an empty part of the High St almost an hour before the torch passed by. The time flew as there were many sights to see.

We chose a spot right across from 'The Mermaid' pub.
This fellow had gone to a lot of trouble!

The girls...

Getting impatient...
Crowd getting bigger.

Tired waiting...

Something is happening...

Excitment growing.

Just high-fived the policeman...

Torch getting closer.
Part of the travelling circus.

Torch inbound...

The Olympic torch bearer, alongside a hairy policeman...

And away they go.
The bus carrying former runners with their torches.

Heading up the road with the crowds.

Smile girls!

And it was quite a fun event to attend, I hope things go well with the continuing relay. We may even see it again as it travels nearby in Harrow.