Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Visit to the Olympic

Well, it seems the whole city is going to one event or the other. I managed to get a few tickets to a football match, the girls politely declined the opportunity to go. Even when I pointed out that we are going for the 'occasion' and not the match. Still no.

I chose an event at Wembley Stadium as it is quite close to us and in the end it took under an hour between being dropped off at the Underground station and being seated. As you can imagine, the crowds were quite big with the attendence being announced as 76,000. The size of Niagara Falls, Ontario (or twice Woodstock)?

As always, Calum had food at the forefront of his thoughts with an insistance that we get a Mcdonalds if one were available. In the end, we found a pizza stall that delivered up a tasty snack that satisfied us both.

Well the game, incidently Gabon (check a map of Africa) vs South Korea playing, duly kicked off and within about 10 seconds there was a stoppage for an injury. Overall, the match was OK. If I were honest the skill level of the teams was in the region of Cowdenbeath vs East Fife-level but both teams were keen to play and win (it was a 0-0 draw). The atmosphere in the stadium was excellent and we were both impressed with the ground. We were also very happy with the seats as we were positioned just behind a goal, fairly close to ground level.

No snags on the journey home either. An occasion to remember. Here our our photos:

This is Wembley Stadium, it is the home of the Enfland Football team
and one of the largest stadiums in the UK.

Lining up for the national anthems; I forgot the words to both anthems...

Free kick for Gabon - check out the video...

Halftime! Time for Calum to get a snack.
Here's both of us.

Somone's 15 seconds of fame.

The crowds were huge to and from the stadium, but we made it through
in good time.

Although a few dark clouds gathered, it was a dry evening with a bit of sun.